Who wouldn't like to hear a success story? I have seen and heard many and now I will tell you mine.I came to realize at a very early age that imagination and creativity are prerequisites for success.  In addition, one must be guided by inspiration.  My brand is the result of a combination of all three of these.  One might ask, what is a brand all about?  At first glance, it is about production and sales.  But it is more; it is about fantasy, creativity, and dedication.  I know that the act of consuming goods is in and of itself art; however, it is a certain artistic endeavor that brings happiness to people.  In order to understand business in such a manner, one has to go beyond stereotypes.  The first stereotype that I overcame as a young girl was that I could not compete with men.  Not only can I, but I deserve to be treated equally to men.  The other stereotype I overcame was the myth that beauty is one dimensional and that it is always connected to outward appearance. I prefer to think of beauty as a harmony between what is inside of you and your outward appearance or style.  The third stereotype regards consumption. We consume goods on a daily basis and tend to consider it routine.  What about pleasure, joy, and affection when it comes to goods?  When I decided to create my brand, "DRAGANA", I thought about my customers because I want them to always remember these three powerful features.  Finally, my only purpose is to guide you in recognizing the beauty in life, including accessories such as bags or jewelry.

 Yours truly